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Careers and Professional Development

Welcome to Central Coast Local Health District(CCLHD) Nursing and Midwifery Careers and Professional Development page. With a nursing staff of over 2300 across the four facilities within CCLHD, we have a well-qualified and enthusiastic group that is actively involved in the planning and implementation of many initiatives. The critical components of our efforts include a well-organised recruitment plan that’s inclusive of a conducive work environment in order to enhance retention of staff, and commitment to professional development to ensure provision of quality care. In all efforts, our patients and their families are our focus.

Nursing Staff - CCLHDOur commitment to ongoing education and professional development enables CCLHD to provide quality care. This is evident throughout the Local Health District. We are committed to strengthening our commitment to professional development and promote and facilitate a culture of learning in pursuit of excellence in professional nursing practice.

Upon employment new employees attend a general orientation, encompassing introduction to the hospital, organisational requirement and mandatory education programmes. Nursing and Midwifery will continue with introduction to speciality area, professional practice issues and common corporate clinical programs, after which the nurse receives unit-specific clinical instruction based on identified competencies. Clinical nurse educators are available in your clinical unit / ward to support you. For senior staff / managers there are additional programs to meet your needs.

There are many opportunities available for personal and professional development within CCLHD and there are for both entry into nursing and continuing education. We offer a Reconnect Strategy programme 1800 330 933.

Communication strategies are in place to provide information to nurses who wish to attend postgraduate studies of interest to meet their professional objectives or for those who wish to advance their knowledge and skills in their chosen specialties. Financial Assistance and Professional leave are also available and may be granted on an individual basis. Scholarship funds for professional development are also available for nurses and midwives.

Opportunities for entry into nursing:-

  • Work Experience for school students
  • Assistance in Nursing (AIN)
  • Undergraduate placement

Opportunities for continuing education:-

  • Reconnect Strategy 1800 330 933
  • Transition to Practice 1st Year Registered Nurse and 1st Year Bachelor of Midwifery
  • Mental Health, Nursing and Midwifery clinical placements and postgraduate studies
  • Postgraduate studies in conjunction with Universities.

As you travel through this Web site, you will obtain a flavor of our Local Health District and our commitment to progressive and proactive nursing and midwifery practices.

Vijay Saamy
Nurse Manager Careers, Marketing and Professional Development - Nursing and Midwifery Directorate.


Nursing and Midwifery Central Coast Nursing and Midwifery Central Coast Nursing and Midwifery Central Coast Nursing and Midwifery Central Coast

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