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Nursing & Midwifery

Over 2300 nurses and midwives are employed across the four facilities within CCLHD, working in numerous areas and making the most of many exciting and innovative opportunities. The following is a snapshot of the opportunities available for personal and professional development within CCLHD.

Opportunities for entry into nursing

Nursing at CCLHDWork Experience in CCLHD has been developed to encourage those at school to consider nursing and midwifery as a career. Work experience is a valuable way in which students can observe nurses in real work situations. Students are able to observe and participate in the delivery of care to gain a greater understanding of the role and responsibilities in their every day work.

PDF Document Nursing & Midwifery Work Experience (233 KB)

Assistant in Nursing (AIN) positions are available at several facilities within CCLHD. AINs provide basic care to patients and work under the direction and supervision of a Registered Nurse. The AIN role is very rewarding and fulfilling and provides a great opportunity to work as a part of the nursing team with the support of clinical experts.

Undergraduate placements and employment opportunities enable student nurses / midwives the opportunity to consolidate skills in the clinical environment. CCLHD offers you the perfect opportunity to: gain exposure to a wide range of clinical specialties and services, experience the dynamic learning environments that are supported by clinical experts, work within a multidisciplinary team and access services including libraries, Intranet / Internet.

Opportunities for Continuing Education

There are numerous opportunities for nurses to grow professionally and personally within CCLHD, as we are committed to ongoing development as a learning organisation. CCLHD - Learning and Development Service is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and aims to provide high quality learning and development activities which enhance the skills and career opportunities of all staff.

A wide range of learning opportunities are available in clinical skill development, management and leadership, computer skill development, mental health education, community care and facilitating learning. Many of the programs provided are Nationally Accredited Courses (VETAB). All enquiries please call (02) 4320 2249

For Nurses thinking about returning to the workforce we offer the Reconnect Strategy. This program provides participants with the opportunity to develop the necessary skills, knowledge and confidence to competently re-enter contemporary clinical nursing practice. For more information about entry requirements or information about this program, please call 1800 330 933.

Transition to Practice 1st Year Registered Nurse and 1st Year Bachelor of Midwifery Nursing and Midwifery practices within Central Coast Local Health District (CCLHD) are responsive to contemporary trends and challenges in healthcare. CCLHD facilities and services have skilled and supportive staff who provide a dynamic learning environment enabling newly Registered Nurses and Midwives to become safe and competent practitioners.


For information about the Transition to Practice opportunities please call:

Nursing Services:

Gosford - (02) 4320 3678

Long Jetty - (02) 4320 3678

Woy Woy - (02) 4320 3678

Wyong - (02) 4320 3678

Mental Health Service:

Mental Health Nursing 12 month course is an innovative, contemporary nurse education program which has been designed to promote the integration of mental health nursing theory and clinical practice.

For more information about entry requirements or information about this program, please call (02) 4320 5378.


Midwifery Clinical placements for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies are available at Gosford and Wyong Hospital. This program offers New Graduate Midwives transitional support encompassing clinical supernumerary days and study days.

For more information about entry requirements or information about these courses, please call (02) 4320 3836.

Postgraduate study is supported and CCLHD in conjunction with the University of Technology, Sydney and The University of Newcastle offer postgraduate courses in many specialist areas including Critical Care, Neuroscience, Perioperative and Anaesthetics & Recovery Room Nursing.

For more information about entry requirements or information about these courses, please call (02) 4320 2249.

Adding Value

Lifestyle choice is more than geographic location it also encompasses values. Here in CCLHD we are committed to progressive and proactive nursing and midwifery practices.

We value the promotion of Nursing and Midwifery at Central Coast Local Health District. This includes continuously promoting nursing as a profession; analysing and coordinating planned initiatives in response to changes in nursing and midwifery practice and future health care needs; promoting shared governance to develop and strengthen professional relationships within nursing and midwifery, ensuring active involvement of the nursing and midwifery staff in strategic planning and development of clinical services/ streams.

We value Research in Nursing and Midwifery in Central Coast Local Health District by supporting the adoption of research and evidence based practice. This is achieved through Practice Development and leadership support; dissemination of research information and results; encouraging and supporting the integration of research findings into practice; demonstrating a commitment to research education and communicating research opportunities and activities.

We value a person centred approach to our work practices. Practice Development is one framework used to promote a culture of effectiveness in patient/client centred care and a culture of learning and support for health care providers. We offer leadership support through a range of professional development programmes within the organisation.

We value multiculturalism and transculturalism in CCLHD whereby we have arrangements with the Department of Immigration to facilitate the employment of overseas nurses and midwives. If you are coming from overseas and would like to work in CCLHD, we can sponsor you anywhere from 6 months to 4 years.

Nurses and midwives in Central Coast Local Health District are proud of the contributions they make to the health care of not only local residents but also visitors to the area, and people referred from other regions within Australia and overseas.


Nursing and Midwifery Central Coast Nursing and Midwifery Central Coast Nursing and Midwifery Central Coast Nursing and Midwifery Central Coast

Did you know? There is something for everyone at CCLHD!


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